Learn the basics Events & Ticketing


Start by creating an Event and configure the date and time, location, and tickets for your Event.

Create or Edit an Event


Each Ticket is connected to a particular Event. Tickets can be created with unique prices, quantities, tax deductible amounts, custom questions, and more. Add Tickets to a Giving Form to sell them on your website or a Funraise Campaign Site.

Create or Edit a Ticket
Add Tickets to a Giving Form
Edit the Ticket Confirmation Email


A Registration is a sold Ticket - it represents a guest at your Event. A Registration can include guest contact information and custom question answers. A Registration may not always be linked to a Supporter, but we encourage you to link each Registration to a Supporter.

Edit a Registration
Create a New Registration
Save a List of Registrations
Export a List of Registrations

Questions & Answers

A Question can be added to a Ticket. For example: Meal preference, T-shirt size, etc. For each Ticket sold, the Ticket Order purchaser will be presented with these questions. Questions can be marked as optional or required.

Create or Edit a Question
Add a Custom Question to a Ticket
Save a List of Custom Question Answers
Export a List of Custom Question Answers


An Order is a group of sold (or reserved) Tickets. For example: If Jane Doe purchases two Tickets, one for her and one for John Doe, the Order will include two Registrations (or two sold Tickets). Online Orders are connected to a Transaction, although an "Offline" Ticket Order can be created without a Transaction in platform.

Save a List of Orders
Export a List of Orders

Events & Ticketing Integrates seamlessly with current tools

These new features work seamlessly with other Funraise tools. For example, Tickets can be added to a Campaign Site Giving Form. Also, Registration and Order data appears on the Supporter Profile.

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