Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.


Start by creating an Event and configure the date and time, location, and tickets for your Event.

Create or Edit an Event


Each Ticket is connected to a particular Event. Tickets can be created with unique prices, quantities, tax deductible amounts, custom questions, and more. Add Tickets to a Giving Form to sell them on your website or a Funraise Campaign Site.

Create or Edit a Ticket
Add Tickets to a Giving Form
Edit the Ticket Confirmation Email


A Registration is a sold Ticket - it represents a guest at your Event. A Registration can include guest contact information and custom question answers. A Registration may not always be linked to a Supporter, but we encourage you to link each Registration to a Supporter.

Edit a Registration
Create a New Registration
Save a List of Registrations
Export a List of Registrations

Questions & Answers

A Question can be added to a Ticket. For example: Meal preference, T-shirt size, etc. For each Ticket sold, the Ticket Order purchaser will be presented with these questions. Questions can be marked as optional or required.

Create or Edit a Question
Add a Custom Question to a Ticket
Save a List of Custom Question Answers
Export a List of Custom Question Answers


An Order is a group of sold (or reserved) Tickets. For example: If Jane Doe purchases two Tickets, one for her and one for John Doe, the Order will include two Registrations (or two sold Tickets). Online Orders are connected to a Transaction, although an "Offline" Ticket Order can be created without a Transaction in platform.

Save a List of Orders
Export a List of Orders

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