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Learn about Funraise Events and Ticketing features

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This article provides an overview of Funraise's Event and Ticketing functionality and defines the key components. Links in this article provide access to specific workflows.

There's a lot you can do with Funraise's Event and Ticketing, this quick video provides a peek at what's possible.


Events can be accessed from the platform side menu. In the Events section, you can access your Events details (like date, time, and location), Tickets, and Ticket confirmation email.

It's good to know that it's not required to create an event from this section—this is because it's usually easiest to create Events and Tickets right from a Giving Form editor. This section exists to view and manage all your Events in one place.

You can create an Event from several locations in the platform.


Each Ticket is connected to a particular Event. Tickets can be created with unique prices, quantities, tax-deductible amounts, custom questions, and more.

You can create Tickets from several locations in the platform.

Tickets are sold on a Giving Form—you must add Tickets to a Giving Form to make them available for purchase online.

When Tickets are purchased, the purchaser will receive the Ticket confirmation email. This confirmation email includes details about the Event and the purchaser's Tickets. This email also contains QR codes for each ticket that can be scanned with Funraise's App.


A Registration is a sold Ticket. Registrations represent guests at your Event. A Registration can include guest information and custom Question answers.

When a Ticket is purchased online (from your Giving Form), a Registration is automatically created. You can also create a Registrant offline (in the backend of Funraise). After a guest has been registered, you can edit their Registration details.

It's good to know that a Registration is not always linked to an existing Supporter, for example, in the case where a Supporter purchases Tickets for their guests. When this happens, we've made it easy to connect Registrations with existing or newly created Supporters.

Questions & Answers

It's easy to add custom Questions to Tickets. For example, Meal preference, T-shirt size, etc. Questions are not specific to Events—you create questions in Funraise for many contexts, but adding guest Questions to Tickets is very common.

It's good to know that you can add Questions to BOTH Tickets and the Giving Form in general. If you need responses from each Registrant, for example, "What is your t-shirt size?", you'll need to add your Questions to the Ticket—These questions will then be asked for each Ticket in an Order. If you just want to ask a general Question to the purchaser, like "How did you hear about us?", you'll want to add that Question to the Giving Form generally.

There are several ways to create a new Question.


An Order is a collection of Tickets that were sold together. For example: If Jane Doe purchases two Tickets, one for her and one for John Doe, the Order will include two Registrations (or two sold Tickets).

Orders are created automatically when a Ticket purchase is made online (on your Giving Form). You can also create offline Registration Orders (in the backend of Funraise).

In some cases, it may be helpful to save a filtered list of Orders or to export a list of Orders.

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