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To edit a Registration:

  1. From Events > Registration, find the Registrant you wish to edit.

  2. Click the Registration Id number or the Registration Actions Menu and select Edit Registration.

  3. Edit the Registration and click SAVE

Settings on the Registration profile

Select Attended to check-in the registration or guest.

This is the Supporter linked to this Registration. We highly encourage you to link a Supporter to each Registration.

Registration Info
Registration info fields are independent from Supporter fields. Registration Info fields allow you to collect the basic information needed for your event. Most often, these fields will show what the order purchaser entered as their guest's information.

The Registration ticket cannot be edited once it's been sold. If editing the Ticket associated with a Registration is required, the entire Ticket Order must be cancelled and a New Order created with the correct configuration.

The guests Answers to Custom Questions included on their Ticket are viewable and editable here.

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