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Edit a Registration

Edit Event Registrations including answers to custom Questions

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With Funraise Events, you'll be able to sell Tickets online and manage your Event Registrations. If you're new to Events, we recommend taking a look at our overview of all things related to Events: Event Management 101.

When tickets are sold online, Registrations are created automatically. You can also create "offline" Registrations.

Need to delete or remove a Registration?

Registrations can not be deleted from the Registration section. To delete a Registration, you'll need to access Orders (Sidemenu > Transactions > Orders) and cancel the Registration Order.

Edit a Registration

1. From the sidebar, click Events and select Registrations. Find the Registration and open the Registration profile by clicking the Registration Id or selecting Edit Registration in the actions menu (3 dots).

2. The details that can be edited on the Registration profile are described below.

3. After editing the Registration > Click Save

Details on the Registration profile

Notes whether or not the guest attended the event.

The Supporter that is linked to this Registration.

Registrant Info

When a Supporter is linked to a Registration, the Registrant Info fields are not editable.

The Registrant information fields are populated when a Supporter purchases multiple tickets online and provides contact details for their guests (Tickets the purchaser did not claim for themselves). Funraise does not create Supporters with the guest contact information provided with guest Tickets, although, we make this step easy.

We simply populate the guest contact information in the Registrant information fields so you can review and decide how to handle each guest—either attach an existing Supporter or create a new Supporter.

The Registration Ticket cannot be edited once it's been sold. If needed, you can cancel the Registration Order and create a new Registration Order with the correct Ticket(s).

The Registrant's answers to custom Questions included on their Ticket are viewable and editable.

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