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When tickets are sold online, Registrations are created automatically. You can create new Registrations, manually, from within platform as well.

We call this an Offline Registration.

To Create a New Offline Registration, you will be required to create a new Order - which will include one or multiple Registrations.

To create a new Registration Order:

  1. From Events > Registrations, click NEW REGISTRATION ORDER

  2. Click ADD SUPPORTER to link to a Supporter. This is who the Order is for.

  3. Click ADD REGISTRATION to add a Registration to this order

  4. For each Registration added to the Order you'll want to configure the Supporter, Ticket and Custom Questions associated with the Registration.

  5. When your Registration Order is complete, click SAVE

Good to know

  • You can activate or deactivate the ticket order confirmation email for offline Orders. When activated, the Supporter linked to the Order will receive the ticket confirmation email.

  • A Transaction is optional when creating an offline Order.

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