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Event Ticket confirmation email
Event Ticket confirmation email

Edit the Ticket confirmation email that is sent to a Ticket purchaser

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The Ticket confirmation email is sent to a Ticket purchaser after they complete checkout.

The email always includes

  • Event title

  • Location

  • Date & Time

  • Purchased Tickets, including the provided name for each guest

Optional design customizations

  • Banner image

  • Email Body text

Edit the Ticket confirmation email

1. In the sidemenu, click Events and select Events. Find and open the appropriate Event

2. Click Ticket Email. Here you can edit the email banner and body text as well as preview the email template.

3. After making changes, click Save

Good to know

  • A ticket purchaser will receive both the normal donation receipt email and the ticket confirmation email.

  • The email provides the ticket purchaser access to the check-in QR code for each ticket. This QR code can be scanned with the Funraise App to check-in attendees at the door.

  • This email uses the logo for your organization as defined in your Branding settings, enabling you to customize the email logo. You can edit your Branding logo from Settings.

  • If tickets were purchased as a part of Fundraising Registration, the email will also contain secure links for registrants to claim and create their fundraising pages.


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