All Funraise tickets have a QR code that is displayed on the Ticket. When your guests arrive they can either provide a printed ticket or pull up the ticket on their phone.

When a ticket is scanned, you'll be able to mark this guest as "Attended".

How to scan a Ticket

  1. Open the Funraise App on your mobile device

  2. Open the side menu and click Check-in

  3. Click Start Scanning

  4. Center your attendee's ticket QR code within the scan crop marks

  5. The scanner will capture the image automatically

  6. Click Check-in to mark this guest as attended

How your guest can access their Tickets

When a ticket order is created, an email with the ticket(s) is sent to the purchaser. From this email, the purchaser can click "View Ticket" to view a webpage with the ticket details, including the QR code.

This ticket page can be printed prior to the event or the ticket page can simply be accessed on a mobile device. The QR scanner can scan a paper or a digital QR code.

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