QR Code Ticket Scanning

Use the Funraise App to check-in your event attendees. Scan the Ticket QR Code for speedy event check-in.

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With Funraise Events, you'll be able to sell Tickets online and manage your Event Registrations. If you're new to Events, we suggest taking a look at our overview of all things related to Events: Event Management 101.

Funraise tickets have a QR code. When your guests arrive they access the QR code on their phone for easy check-in.

The Ticket purchaser can access Ticket QR codes from the Ticket confirmation email.

How to scan a Ticket

  1. Open the Funraise App on your mobile device

  2. Open the side menu and click Check-in

  3. Click Start Scanning

  4. Center your attendee's ticket QR code within the scan crop marks

  5. The scanner will capture the image automatically

  6. Click Check-in to mark this guest as attended

How your guest can access their Tickets

When Tickets are purchased, the Ticket confirmation email is sent to the purchaser. From this email, the purchaser can click "View Ticket" to view a webpage with the ticket details, including the QR code.

This ticket page can be printed prior to the event or the ticket page can simply be accessed on a mobile device. The QR scanner can scan a paper or a digital QR code.


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