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Fundraising Registration

Require fundraisers to register and purchase a ticket before creating a fundraising page

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Some Peer-to-Peer strategies require fundraisers to register for an event or purchase a ticket before creating a fundraising page. This strategy is most often used with endurance events like runs, races, and walks.

When fundraising registration is activated, fundraisers will be required to purchase at least one ticket (or obtain a free ticket) before creating their fundraising page. We've designed fundraising registration so the ticket purchase is a seamless part of the fundraiser sign-up and page creation flow.

Activate Fundraising Registration

1. From a Campaign Site editor > click the Settings Icon

2. On the Settings flyout > click Peer-to-Peer > scroll to & activate Require ticket purchase

3. Add the corresponding event and ticket(s). You'll first need to create an event and ticket(s) to connect with this fundraising registration.

4. Select the payment methods for registration checkout

That's it! With these settings configured, your fundraisers will be required to purchase a ticket (or obtain a free ticket) before creating their fundraising page.

Good to know

Fundraiser ticket purchase form settings

The settings you've configured for your default Campaign Site Giving Form will be used for the ticket purchase form in the fundraiser sign-up flow. This includes configurations like allocations, tags, colors, logo, and email receipt settings.

☝️ This means that the same email receipt template will be used for both fundraiser ticket purchases and general donations to the site (If you are using the default Campaign Site Giving Form for your donation buttons).

☝️ If allocations are added to your site's default Giving Form, the first allocation in the list will be applied to a fundraiser's registration order.

☝️ Fundraising Registration purchases create Transactions that are not assigned to a Giving Form.

Adding custom questions

If you need your fundraisers to answer custom questions during registration, add these questions to the registration ticket and not to the general Fundraiser Signup Questions. The general Fundraiser Signup Questions are only recommended for Peer-to-Peer sites that do not require registration.

Adding your questions to tickets will ensure that in the case where multiple fundraisers are registered in a single order, each registration in the order will have questions answered.

Multiple fundraisers can be registered in a single order

When tickets are purchased, the order purchaser will receive the Event Ticket confirmation email with a record of each registration purchased.

This email will also contain secure links that can be used to claim and create fundraising pages for each registration in the order. While the order purchaser can purchase tickets and create their fundraising page in a seamless flow on your campaign site, any additional registrants in the order will need to use the secure links provided in this email to claim and create their fundraising page for the event.

The registration purchase amount will be applied to the fundraiser's goal

When a registrant purchases tickets, the registration order transaction amount will be applied to their fundraising page as the first donation and will count towards the fundraiser's goal. If multiple registrations are purchased in one order, the order transaction total will be applied to the order purchaser's fundraising page.

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