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Save a list of Question Answers

  1. From Supporters > Answers, click ADD FILTER to specify which Answers should be added to the list. A list requires at least one filter.

  2. Enter a List name. A list name is required.

  3. Click the Filter box Actions Menu (3 dots) and select Save List.

Access a Saved Lists of Answers

  1. From Supporters > Answers, click LISTS in the top navigation.

  2. Find your list, click the Actions Menu and select View Saved List.

You can filter your answers with these parameters:

  • Supporter

  • Question

  • Question Text

  • Answer Text

  • Date Created

  • Event

  • Event Name

  • Campaign Page

  • Campaign Page Name

  • Campaign Site

  • Campaign Site Name

  • Form

  • Form Name

Good to know
Funraise saved lists are dynamic. This means that when new Answers are created that also meet the parameters for your list, they will be added to the list automatically.

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