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Add a Custom Question to a Ticket
Add a Custom Question to a Ticket

Learn how to manage Ticket questions

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With Funraise Events, you'll be able to sell Tickets online and manage your Event Registrations. If you're new to Events, we suggest taking a look at our overview of all things related to Events: Event Management 101.

When to add a Question to a Ticket?

It's good to know that you can add Questions to both a Ticket and the Giving Form in general. If you need responses from each Registrant, for example, "What is your t-shirt size?", you'll need to add your Questions to the Ticket—These questions will then be asked for each Ticket in an Order. This is what this article describes.

If you just want to ask a general Question to the Ticket purchaser, like "How did you hear about us?", you'll want to add that Question to the Giving Form generally.

Add a Question to a Ticket

There are several pathways to accomplish this task, the instructions below are one option.

1. From the sidemenu, Click Events and select Tickets

2. Find the Ticket and click the underlined Ticket name to open the Ticket editor

3. From the Ticket editor, click Registration Info

4. Click Add Question. Select an existing Question or create a new Question.

5. After adding your Question(s), click Save

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