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Create a New Custom Question

  1. From Supporters > click Answers > click New Question

  2. Enter the Question name, Question text, and Answer option(s)

  3. Click Save

Edit a Custom Question

  1. From Supporters > click Answers > click Questions

  2. Find the Question to edit

  3. Click the Question Actions (3 dots) > click Edit Question

  4. Edit the question

  5. Click Save

☝️ In most cases, you'll create or edit Custom Questions "inline". For example, when you are configuring a Ticket, Giving Form, or a fundraiser signup - you can configure your questions for that item in that particular flow.

Custom Question Settings

Question name
This is an internal name for this question use for searching and viewing the question in platform. This question name is not displayed publicly.

Question text
This is the actual question presented publicly.

Answer Format

  • Text answers are a multi-line open text box (max 500 characters)

  • Picklist enable a user to select a single item from a list of options

  • Date enables a user to enter a specific date

If you are using a picklist answer format, you'll need to enter your allowed answers that appear in the picklist. You can also reorder answer options and mark an answer as default.

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