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Export a List of Custom Question Answers
Export a List of Custom Question Answers
Filter and export a list of Answers to Questions.
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Export a list of Answers

  1. From Supporters > Answers, click ADD FILTER to specify which Answers should be included with your export.

  2. Click the Filter box Actions Menu (3 dots) and select Export CSV.

  3. Your exported list will be sent to you by email.

Included in the export:

  • Answer Id

  • Answer

  • Question Id

  • Question Name

  • Question Text

  • Supporter Id

  • Supporter name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Address

  • Registration Id

  • Registration Name

  • Event Id

  • Event Name

  • Transaction Id

  • Transaction Form Id

  • Transaction Form Name

  • Campaign Site id

  • Campaign Site Name

  • Campaign Page Id

  • Campaign Page Name

  • Created Date

Supporter contact details available with an Answer depend on where the question was answered (Transaction, Ticket, or Fundraiser Signup).

10,000 records is the limit for a single export
Exports of Answers are limited to 10,000 records at a time. To export more than 10,000 records you'll need to further segment your list or export from Fundraising Intelligence.

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