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Filter and Export a Registration List
Filter and Export a Registration List

Filter, save a list, and export a list of Event Registrations

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With Funraise Events, you'll be able to sell Tickets online and manage your Event Registrations. If you're new to Events, we suggest taking a look at our overview of all things related to Events: Event Management 101.

When tickets are sold online, Registrations are created automatically. You can also create new Registrations "offline" from the backend of the platform. You can filter your Registration lists to create specific segments. You can also save filtered lists of Registrations for easy access. Registration lists can also be exported.

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Filter a list of Registrations

1. From the sidemenu, click Events and select Registrations

2. Click Add Filter. Select and configure the filter. You can add multiple filters. List filters are combined with AND logic.

Save a list of Registrations

A saved list requires at least one filter and a list name. After completing the steps above to filter your Registration list, you can follow the steps below to save the list.

1. Enter a name for this list

2. In the list actions menu (3 dots), select Save List

3. Your new saved list can be accessed by clicking Lists in the top navigation

Export a list of Registrations

1. From the Registration lists, click the actions menu (3 dots) and select Export CSV

2. Your export will be available to download from Settings > Exports. You'll also receive an email with a link to the export CSV file as soon as the export has finished processing.

10,000 records is the limit for a single export
Exports of Registrations are limited to 10,000 records at a time. To export more than 10,000 records you'll need to further segment your list or export from Fundraising Intelligence.

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