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Create and send a bulk email template to a list of Supporters

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This article covers how to create custom email templates and how to send bulk emails to a filtered list of Supporters, Transactions, Fundraisers, or Registrations. Before sending a bulk email, you'll need to create an email template to send.

Create a new bulk email template

1. Access Email Campaigns from the side menu > Click New Email Campaign

2. Select Campaign Type and enter a Campaign Name

☝️ Campaigns contain multiple email templates

Once you create a new Email Campaign, you'll be able to add multiple email templates to this campaign. You can think of an Email Campaign as a folder of email templates. For example, if you send a monthly Newsletter, name the Campaign, "Newsletters" and then create email templates inside that campaign for each newsletter you send.

3. Click New Email > Enter an Email Name > Click Save

4. Configure email design settings > Click Save

☝️ You can duplicate the design and content from another email in this campaign. You can not duplicate emails from another campaign.

☝️ It's a good idea to send a test email. Test emails will include default content for any data merge tags you've entered.

☝️ Emails sent with Funraise Email Campaigns include an unsubscribe link. When a supporter clicks an unsubscribe link in an email, they will be marked as Opted-out in Funraise and will be directed to a default confirmation page. You can edit the Unsubscribe URL per Email Campaign and direct supporters to your own custom confirmation page. When this field is left blank (recommended), a default confirmation page will be used.

Send a bulk email

After you have created an email template, you can send this email template to a filtered list of Supporters, Transactions, Fundraisers, or Registrations. The instructions below show how to send to a list of Supporters.

1. Access Supporters from the side menu

2. Configure list filters to create the desired segment

☝️ Consider saving this list

If this is a list you'll regularly send to, we recommend saving the list with a clear name so this set of filters is easily accessible in the future.

3. Click the actions menu (3 dots) > Select Send Emails to List

4. Search and select the Campaign and Email Template to send

5. Click Send Emails 🎉

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