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How to save a dynamic list of supporters. Save a supporter segment. Saved lists.

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You can save dynamic lists of supporters for easy reporting and progress tracking. Once you create your segment with your desired filters, you can save the list - Now you, or anyone on your team, will be able to access that list.

To save a Supporter List:

1. In the Supporters section, add your desired filters, and then click "Apply".

2. Give your list a title. Then click the Actions Menu on the right side of the filter card and select Save List.

3. Yay! You've saved a supporter list. Now access your new list by clicking "Lists" in the top navigation bar.ย 

4. From here, you can view or delete your saved list by clicking on the Actions menu.


Saved Lists are dynamic!

That means your list is based on the filters you set, and the number of supporters in a list can change with supporter activity. This is incredibly helpful for reporting and goal tracking.ย 

Saved supporter lists ideas we ๐Ÿ’–

  • Donors who have not given this year (Churn report) - What's great about this list is the clear goal. If there are 100 donors on this list, your job is to get that number of donors to go down!

  • Returning Donors - Returning donors are your best candidates for a new recurring sign ups. This list is very actionable because as soon as someone joins it, you'll know it's time to ask them to become a recurring donor!

  • Donors in California - It's true your donors may give online, but when it's time for your annual Gala or local event, make sure you are communicating with donors who may live in the area!

  • New Donors this week - Quick and personal follow up will win mega kudos with your new donors. Make sure you reach out with a personal thank you within the first week of a donors first ever donation!ย 

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