Editing Email Campaigns

Edit email campaign settings and email design

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Funraise's automated Email Campaigns can be configured and sent to Supporters based on their donation or fundraising activity. Looking to edit a donation receipt?

Funraise's automated Email Campaigns are prebuilt campaigns that can be customized. At this time, you can not create new custom email campaigns.

Access the editor for a campaign email

1. Click Email Campaigns in the side menu > Click the underlined campaign name

2. In the Email Campaign editor, you can toggle on or off emails in this campaign. To edit an email's contents, click the underlined email title.

4. In the email editor, click on the configurations to reveal the settings and design controls for this email. Be sure to save your changes.

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Clone an email template

When editing an automated email, you can clone another email from the same campaign. To clone another email, click the actions menu (3 dots) at the top-right of the email editor and select Clone template.

Campaign Email configurations

Subject & Sender


Add a subject line to this email. You can also use relevant data merge tags in a subject line.

From Address

This is the email address that the email will come from. You can select from any Organization Email Addresses you have added in Settings. Organization Email Addresses are a premium feature.


Header Image

Add an image to the top of your email. We recommend an image width of 1000px, no larger than 150 KB. Yes, you can exceed 100KB, but for emails, it's best to optimize for smaller file size.

Overall Background Color

This is the background color of the email. In most cases, we recommend white.

Text Area Background Color

This is the background color of the text box. In most cases, we recommend white.

Body Text


Use the standard text editor by selecting Customizable template or use your own HTML by selecting Code Your Own

Text area

Enter your email body text and relevant data merge tags.

Good to know

  • If you copy and paste text into this area, your styles may be copied over as well, which can include the text background color. You may want to paste without styles, for example: COMMAND + SHIFT + V on Mac, and then style in Funraise's editor.

  • You can also add images to the body of the email. A common use case is adding a custom signature. To add an image to the body of an email, you'll need to host the image externally and provide a Url to the image file.


You can add a button to the email and edit the button styles. The button will always appear below your email body text. You can also use relevant data merge tags in your button link.


Footer Logo

You can add a logo to the footer of your email.

Footer Text Color

This is where your address and organization name appear. Edit the text color to make sure it has enough contrast with your email background color.


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