Organization Email Addresses

How to add an organization email address or reply-to email address. Set default organization email addresses.

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

An organization email address is an email address you can use as the sending address for the emails sent through Funraise. For example, you might use a specific email like as the sender and reply-to for your donation receipts.

Please note: Funraise Free plans can not configure Organization Email Addresses. Emails sent from free plans will send from

Add an organization email address

1. Click your profile icon in top right > click Settings

2. Click Your Organization > scroll to Organization email addresses

3. Click Add Email

4. Enter details > click Save

When adding a new email address, the owner of the email address will be sent a verification email with a button to verify. The address must be verified before it can be used as a sending email address. The address will be marked as pending until it has been verified:

After you've added a new email address, you take more actions:

  • Edit email

  • Make default

  • Delete email address

  • Resend email (resends the verification email to a Pending address)

Default organization email address

The default organization email address is used as the sending email address for platform emails. For example, donation notifications sent to your team members or the payment method updater automated email.

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