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Use data merge tags to personalize emails and SMS text messages

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Funraise's data merge tags can be used to personalize emails and SMS messages sent with Funraise.

How merge tags work

  • Merge data is context-specific. This means merge tags are only designed to work in certain emails. Contexts are detailed below.

  • Merge tags can be used in email bodies, subject lines, button links, and SMS messages.

  • In most cases, merge data in a test email will use a default supporter with example data.

  • Merge tags are not supported in Ticket Order emails at this time.



  • All emails and SMS messages


  • *|fr:day|*  - current day of the month: "21"

  • *|fr:month|*   - current month of the year: "3"

  • *|fr:year|*  - current year: "2020"

  • *|fr:last_year|*  - last year:  "2019"

Organization data 


  • All emails and SMS messages


  • *|organization:name|*  - your organization name: "Red Cross"

  • *|organization:address|*   - your organization address

  • *|organization:tax_id|*  - your Tax Id number

  • *|organization:website_url|*  - your organization website

Supporter data


  • All emails and SMS messages


  • *|donor:first_name|* - donor's first name: "Mark"

  • *|donor:last_name|* - donor's last name: "Twain"

  • *|donor:name|* - if the donor is an individual, their first and last name will show: "Mark Twain". If the donor is any institution category other than individual, the institution name will show: "Twain Enterprises".

  • *|donor:salutation|* - for individual donors, salutation returns the donor's full name with a prefix or suffix if it exists: "Ms. Franny Fundraiser III". For institution types other than individual, the institution name will be returned.

  • *|donor:email|* - donor's email: ""

  • *|donor:address|* - donor's primary street address: "123 Mango Street"

  • *|donor:city|* - donor's primary city: "Los Angeles"

  • *|donor:state|* - donor's primary state: "California"

  • *|donor:postal_code|* - donor's primary postal code: "90210"

  • *|donor:country|* - donor's primary country: "United States"

  • *|donor:institution_name|* - institution name: "First Methodist Church"

  • *|donor:last_donation_amount|* - amount of donor's last donation: "$45.00"

  • *|donor:total_donation_amount|* - total historic amount: "$500.00"

  • *|donor:last_year_donation_total|* - total amount last year: "$250.00"

  • *|donor:last_year_donations|* - html table of the donor's donations last year

Transaction data



  • *|donation:amount|* - amount of the donation that triggered the email: "$75.00"

  • *|donation:donor_name_or_anonymous|* - donor name or anonymous: "Debbie Donor"

  • *|donation:comment|* - text of comment from donor.

  • *|donation:id|* - numeric unique identifier: "12345"

  • *|donation:name|* - sequential donation number

  • *|donation:form_name|* - the giving form associated with the transaction.

  • *|donation:allocation_name|* - allocation associated with the transaction.

  • *|donation:frequency|* - for example, "One Time" or "Monthly".

⚠️ Please note: If you are using merge tags to send a donor's information to a fundraiser, you are responsible for ensuring anonymity is protected by using *|donation:donor_name_or_anonymous|*

P2P Fundraiser data



Fundraiser Info

  • *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*  - fundraiser name: "Freddie"

  • *|page:fundraiser_last_name|*   - fundraiser last name: "Fritz"

  • *|page:fundraiser_name|*  - fundraiser full name:  "Freddie Fritz"

  • *|page:fundraiser_institution_name|*  - fundraiser's team name

  • *|page:fundraiser_email|*  - fundraiser email address

  • *|page:appeal|*   - fundraiser appeal text

  • *|page:fundraiser_profile_image|*  - URL of fundraiser profile image

Fundraiser Progress

  • *|page:goal_amount|*  - fundraiser's goal: "$100.00"

  • *|page:goal_raised|*  - fundraiser's amount raised: "$50.00"

  • *|page:goal_progress|*  - percentage of goal progress: "25"

  • *|page:goal_donor_count|*  - number of donors to page: "4"

  • *|page:goal_donation_count|*  - number of donations to page: "5"

Fundraiser & Campaign URLs

  • *|page:url|*  - fundraiser's page URL

  • *|page:url_settings|*  - fundraiser settings page URL

  • *|page:url_campaign|*   - campaign homepage URL

  • *|page:url_fundraisers|*  - URL of all fundraisers search page

  • *|page:url_teams|*  - URL of all teams search page

The following merge tag can only be used in the Fundraiser Comment Notification Email which is sent to a donor when the fundraiser comments on their donation.

  • *|comment:text|* - text of the fundraiser's comment

Subscription data



  • *|subscription:update_payment_url|* -  secure link to payment method updater page

  • *|subscription:amount|* - displays the recurring donation amount associated with the expiring payment method

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