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This email is sent to a FUNDRAISER each time they receive a new donation towards their goal.

📝 Example Content! 

Woohoo, *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*! You've received a new donation to your page! Be sure to visit your page and thank your donors!

Donation Amount



Visit your page: *|page:url|*

WHY use the Fundraiser Sign Up Email? 

Each time a fundraiser receives a donation to their goal they should be notified! Use this email to encourage fundraisers and link them back to their page to continue sharing. Fundraisers will get this email for every donation they receive on their page so it's smart to use content that makes sense even when a fundraiser receives this email multiple times.

WHO receives the email campaign? 

Any fundraiser who receives a donation on their page.


WHAT should be included in this email?

  • Clear campaign branding elements (color, images, etc).

  • Use merge tags to personalize emails.

  • 📸  Include photos in your emails! 

  • A tone of celebration and encouragement to continue on!

  • A button with a link to the fundraisers page! (merge tag)

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