Fundraiser Donation Notification Email

What is the Fundraiser Donation Notification email? Peer to peer automated email.

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A fundraiser can receive a notification email each time they receive a donation to their fundraising page.

This email can be accessed and edited from your Peer-to-Peer Email Campaign.

Learn more about editing an individual email.

Who receives this email?

An individual fundraiser can receive this email after receiving a successful transaction on their fundraising page. This email is only sent to individual fundraisers.

Example Content

This example is using Funraise's data merge tags.



From *|donation:donor_name_or_anonymous|*


Congratulations, *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*! You've received a new donation towards your fundraising goal for *|organization:name|*!

So far, you've raised *|page:goal_raised|* with support from *|page:goal_donor_count|* donors and you've reached *|page:goal_progress|*% of your *|page:goal_amount|* goal.

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