Peer-to-Peer Email Campaigns

What emails can be sent to supporters and fundraisers of a peer-to-peer campaign? How to activate peer-to-peer email campaigns.

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When peer-to-peer functionality is activated on a Campaign Site, a new Email Campaign is added to your Email Campaign section. This new Email Campaign is named using your Campaign Site Name, for example SiteName P2P Notifications.

Each Peer-to-Peer Campaign Site will have its own unique Email Campaign.

Access Peer-to-Peer Email Campaigns

1. From the side menu > Click Email Campaigns

2. From the email campaign list > Click (Your Site Name) P2P Notifications

From here you can activate or deactivate individual emails in this Campaign. Click the title of the email to access the email editor.

Learn more about editing an individual email.

Each of the following P2P campaign emails/flows can be accessed in the flyout list shown above. Click to learn more and see the example content for each email/flow.

Event Emails (single emails)

Fundraiser Sign Up
Sent to a new fundraiser when they sign-up.

Sent each time a fundraiser receives a new donation.
​Fundraiser Comment Notification

Sent to the donor when a fundraiser comments on their donation.

Email Flows (multiple emails)

Fundraiser Goal Progress
Multiple emails sent to a fundraiser as they reach benchmarks towards their goal: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.Β 

Multiple emails sent to a fundraiser who signs up, but receives no donations.

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