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Edit a donation receipt

Edit the Giving Form donation receipt

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Donation receipts emails can be automatically sent for each online and offline Transaction. You can customize the receipt for each Giving Form. Learn more about donation receipts.


Edit a donation receipt

1. Open a Giving Form editor > click Settings > click Receipt

From address

This is the sender name and email. Select one of your organization email addresses.

Please note: Funraise Free plans can not configure the From address. Receipts in a free plan will send from

Subject line

Add a subject line to this email. Be clear that this email is in response to a donor's recent transaction. Try: Thank you for your donation

Logo & Image link url

Add a logo to your receipt and add a link to the logo image. We suggest linking to your homepage.

Email message

Add text in the body of your donation receipt emails. We recommend a short but thoughtful thank you message.

☝️ You can add data merge tags to your email subject and body content.

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