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To create an event:

  1. From Events, click New Event.

  2. Configure your event Settings (General), Tickets, and Ticket Email.

  3. Click CREATE EVENT.

To edit an existing Event:

  1. From Events, find the event you wish to edit.

  2. Click the Event Name to open the Event profile.

  3. Edit the Event and click SAVE.

Event General Settings

Event Name
The public name of your event. Shown on the ticket confirmation email and more.

About the event
The description of your event. Shown on the Giving Form with each Ticket.

Event date and time
Event date and time details are shown on the Ticket confirmation email.

Event Location
Event locations details are shown on the Ticket confirmation email.

Event Tickets

Tickets for your event can be added or edited from the Event profile. A particular Ticket can only be connected to one Event.

Event Ticket Email

When a Ticket order is purchased, the purchaser will receive a Ticket confirmation email. This email shows your Event name and date and time details. 

Customizations you can make to this email:

  • Banner image

  • Body text

This email uses your Organization Email Template, which you can edit from Settings.

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