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Add Tickets to a Giving Form
Add Tickets to a Giving Form

Add Event Tickets to a Giving Form and sell Tickets online

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Funraise Event Tickets are sold on a Giving Form. This allows you to sell Tickets on an embeddable form on your website, a Giving Page (the easiest method), or on a Campaign Site Giving Form.

From the Giving Form editor, you can easily create new Tickets or add existing Tickets to your form.

Add Tickets to a Giving Form

1. From the sidemenu, click Giving Forms and open the appropriate form

2. In the Giving Form editor, click Tickets and then click Add Ticket

3. When the Ticket list appears, you can either select an existing Ticket or create a new Ticket. You'll be able to add multiple Tickets and rearrange the order that Tickets appear on the form.

4. After adding your Tickets, click Save

☝️ It can take a few minutes for your changes to appear on your live Giving Form. If your updates do not appear after a few minutes, try these tips.

Good to know

  • Tickets appear on the first screen of the Giving Form

  • Tickets can only be sold in the same currency as your Funraise account

  • You can add an optional donation during a Ticket purchase by toggling on Donation Ask Amount in the Payments tab.

  • Ticket purchasers will receive the standard donation receipt email as well as a ticket order confirmation email

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