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Giving Pages

Create a donation page or ticketing page with a direct link

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Each Giving Form has a direct link to a customizable donation landing page. You can share this page in emails, social posts, or from a button on your website. Giving Pages are the easiest way to collect donations online with Funraise.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Access and Edit a Giving Page

1. From the side menu, click Giving Forms > click to open a Giving Form

2. In a Giving Form editor, click Publish > click Page

The share link is the direct link for your Giving Form Page. This link can be used in social media posts, emails, etc. This link can not be customized.

Page content

You can customize content on your Giving Page.

  • Logo image

  • Banner image

  • Page logo text

  • Page title

  • Donate button text

  • Page story

The button colors on your Giving Page will match the colors you've selected for your Giving Form buttons in the Design tab.

Share buttons

Configure the share options for your Giving Page. If all the share options are deactivated, the share button will not appear on your page.

The content you load onto your page will be used for social share content. If your share content is not updating, you might need to reset the cache on a particular platform.

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