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Create an Event Ticket

Create new Event Tickets and edit Ticket settings

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With Funraise Events, you'll be able to sell Tickets online and manage your Event Registrations. If you're new to Events, we suggest taking a look at our overview of all things related to Events: Event Management 101.

☝️ After creating Tickets, you'll need to add your Tickets to a Giving Form to sell them online.

The most common question about Tickets is, "Okay, I've created an Event with Tickets, now how do I share my Event?"

Answer: Tickets are sold on a Giving Form. This means that once your Tickets are created, you can easily add Tickets to a Giving Form.

This allows you to sell Tickets on an embeddable form on your website, a standard Giving Page (the easiest method), or a Campaign Site form.

Create a Ticket

It's good to know that there are several ways to create a new Ticket. The option described below shows how to create Tickets specifically from the Ticket section. Tickets can also be created inline when you create an Event or when you create a Giving Form.

1. In the sidemenu, click Events and select Tickets

2. Click New Ticket

3. In the General tab, click Add Event to select an existing Event to add this Ticket to, or you can create a new Event. Also in the General tab, you'll configure the Ticket settings and price. These details are described below.

4. In the Registration Info tab, you can configure the requiredness of Registration contact information. Here you can also add custom Questions you would like answered with each Registration.

5. When you've completed configuring the Ticket, click Save

Good to know
When creating multiple Tickets for the same event, you can autofill from a previous Ticket from the Actions Menu (3 dots) in the Ticket editor's top bar.

Ticket General Settings

Each Ticket is connected to a single Event.

Ticket name
Displayed on the Giving Form and in Ticket confirmation emails.

Ticket description
Displayed on the Giving Form and in Ticket confirmation emails.

The maximum number of this Ticket type you have available to sell.

Select whether this is a Paid or Free Ticket.

Ticket cost
The cost of each Ticket.

Tax-deductible amount
The tax-deducible portion of the Ticket cost. For example, if a Ticket costs $50 and $25 of that goes towards the meal, you might enter $25 as the tax-deductible amount.

When the transaction receipt is sent to the Ticket purchaser, they will see their total transaction amount and the tax-deductible amount on the receipt email.

Registration Info

This is the information that is collected with each Registration, or Ticket purchase.

Good to know: The Registration information provided for "guests" of the Ticket purchaser is not automatically linked with a Supporter. We've made it easy to connect "unknown" Registrations with existing or new Supporters.

Registration name
Name of the guest for this Ticket.

Registration email address
Email address of the guest for this Ticket.

Registration phone number
Phone number of the guest for this Ticket.

Public order
When a Ticket is sold from a Giving Form online.

Platform order
When a Ticket is sold offline (added to an Order from the backend of the platform).

Custom questions can be added to a Ticket. For example, if you need to know the guest's meal preference or T-shirt size.

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