This article details the email editor for Email Campaigns! Your emails can be completely customized with easy- to-use editing tools. Build beautiful emails using a basic template or use your own HTML. To edit transaction receipt emails, check out this article..

To access the Editor for an Email:

1. Navigate to the Email Campaigns section and you'll see all your available campaigns. 

2. On any of the Email Campaign cards, click on the Actions menu > "Edit Email Campaign

3. This will show you all the emails in that campaign. Click the Actions menu >  "Edit Email" to access the editor.

4. In the Email Editor, There are 4 cards to edit - Subject & Sender, Design, Body Test and Footer. Click on any of the cards to reveal the editing controls.


Subject & Sender

Add a subject line to this email. You'll want to make sure it's a clear preview of the email content. A little spunk in your subject lines can go a long way 💁

  • From Address: This is the email address that the email will come from. You can select from any team member or Reply-to address you have entered in Settings.
  • Pro Tip - You might consider creating an organization email address specifically for donation automated communications. For example: Why? When you are dealing with receipts and money amounts, professionalism is a good tact.



  • Header Image: Add an image to the top of your email by clicking "Upload Image."
  • Overall Background Color: This is the background color of the email.
  • Text Area Background Color: This is the background color of the text box.


Body Text

  • Template: Use the basic template editor by selecting "Customizable template" or use your own HTML by selecting "Code Your Own"



  • You can add a button to any email! You can control the button link, text, color, text color, font, shape, and style.



  • Footer Logo: This logo image will appear at the bottom of your email, but above your address and information. We suggest placing your logo in every email you send!
  • Footer Text Color: This is where your address and information appears. Edit the text color to make sure it has enough contrast with the background color!


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