There are 3 pages to the Giving Form Settings: General, Payments and Receipt

  1. The first page you'll see under the Settings tab is your General Settings.

General Settings

Form Name
Make sure to give your giving form a form name! This will be v helpful in distinguishing between other forms you create in platform. 

Goal Amount
This is the optional goal you can set for each giving form. The goal is not surfaced on the form or in any public place (unless you are using the Funraise API to do so).

Contact Information

Address and Phone
You can choose to require, make optional, or not to display the collection for both address and phone number.

Allow Institution Contacts
Use this if you collect online donations from companies or other institution types. When enabled, a donor will be able to declare that a donation is from an institution, select the type of institution, and enter the name of their institution.



For advanced tracking you can add Transaction Tags and Supporter Tags.

Form Versions

In 95% of situations, we suggest using Form V2. Form V1 embeds directly into your website code and therefore allows for more custom configurations—although development knowledge is required to implement these configurations. Form V2 is delivered through an iFrame, provides a better user experience, and allows for more native Funraise features, like Apple Pay or Tickets.

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