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Recurring Upgrade

Increase recurring donations with an automated recurring upgrade suggestion in the donation flow

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Activate Recurring Upgrade on a Giving Form

Recurring Upgrade can be toggled on or off for a particular Giving Form.

1. From a Giving Form Editor > Settings > Payments

2. Scroll to Recurring Upgrade > Toggle On > Click Save

☝️ Recurring Upgrade requires your Giving Form to have Monthly selected as an available frequency.

How it works

When Recurring Upgrade is activated, donors who select a one-time donation equal to or less than $100 will be invited to convert their one-time donation into a smaller but recurring monthly donation. We'll provide several monthly giving options and a button to skip ahead for donors who prefer to keep their one-time donation.

Good to know

  • The recurring upgrade screen will only be displayed for donors giving with USD currency.

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