Why do donors and fundraisers need to opt-in to communications?

Privacy and information rights are a critical component of collecting donor and fundraiser information online. The laws set out by your region, country, or state determines your organization's compliance responsibilities.

Funraise is working to ensure that your organization has the tools you need to remain compliant, no matter where you operate. One major area of compliance is explicit marketing opt-in. In most locations, while sending transaction emails without an Opt-in is acceptable - you must receive permission from your supporters to send them marketing communications - which include email, text messages, or other forms of outgoing communication.

Funraise provides a builtin Opt-in checkbox, present on all Giving Forms and Fundraiser sign up forms.

Default the marketing Opt-in checkbox

You can default the opt-in checkbox to true on your Giving Forms (V2) and Fundraiser sign-up forms.

How Funraise emails respect the opt-in setting

Funraise emails that DO respect the marketing opt-in

These email automations will only be delivered to Supporters who have opted-in to marketing communications.

  • New Donor Welcome
  • Expiring Recurring Donor
  • P2P Notifications

Funraise emails that DO NOT respect the marketing opt-in

These email automations will be delivered to Supporters regardless of their opt-in status.

  • Donation Receipt
  • Subscription Auto-updator Email
  • Event Ticket Email
  • Yearly Donation Summary

Opt-in and downstream integrations


If a supporter is not opted-in in Funraise, they will have a status of unsubscribed in Mailchimp.

Constant Contact

Currently, the opt-in status is not being sent to Constant Contact.


The opt-in status can be mapped to the Contact record in Salesforce.

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