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Connect Double the Donation

How to connect Double the donation. What does the integration do?

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Create or connect your Double the Donation account to launch a seamless employer matching process right from the Funraise donation flow.

Double the Donation Pricing

While it's free to create or connect a Double the Donation account within Funraise's platform, it's important to note that Double the Donation has its own pricing for customers who create an account directly through Funraise. Double the Donation has provided a tiered plan for Funraise customers but you can also contact Double the Donation directly to update your plan.

It's important to know that Funraise sends every donation to Double the Donation to increase your chance of receiving match revenue. This has implications for your Double the Donation pricing tier. You can contact Double the Donation directly to discuss or update your plan.

How it works

  • Thousands of companies match their employee's donations. With the integration activated, you can automate the matching process through Double the Donation.

  • Funraise sends donation data to Double the Donation, where you can track the match status and more.

  • Funraise sends all transactions to Double the Donation.

  • Donors can check to see if their company offers employee matching with a search field on the Giving Form and enter their work email address to kick off the matching process.

  • When a donation is completed, donors will receive an email (from Double the Donation) to submit a matching request.

Connect Double the Donation

  1. From your Profile Icon (top right) > click Settings

  2. Click Integrations

  3. Find Double the Donation > click Edit (pencil icon)

  4. Toggle On

  5. If you have a Double the Donation account, enter your Public Key and Private Key. If you do not have a Double the Donation account, you can create an account from within Funraise here.Β 

  6. Click Save when your keys are populated in the correct fields.

Activate Company Match for a particular Giving Form

  1. From Giving Forms > Open a Giving Form editor

  2. Click Settings > Click Payments > Scroll to Transaction Options

  3. Click to enable Company Match

Good to know

  • At this time, when Company Match is added to a Giving Form with Tickets, the only amount that is eligible for a match is any amount added by the donor as an optional donation on top of their ticket costs.

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