Giving Form Settings

Edit Giving Form settings include general settings, tickets, questions, payments, and receipts.

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

You can use multiple Giving Forms and each Giving Form can be completely customized to meet the need of a specific campaign or page. This article details form settings that can be configured in platform.

Giving Form settings are available in the Settings tab of the form editor.

Form settings (☝️ available features depend on the your plan)

  • General

  • Tickets

  • Questions

  • Payments

  • Receipt

  • Details

General Settings

Form Name

The internal name for the form.

Goal Amount

Optional. Set a goal for the form and track donations to the form against the goal. At this time there is not a public progress bar widget.

Contact Information

Physical address and phone number. You can select to require, make optional, or not to display these fields.

  • You can also allow institution contacts, which will enable a donor to enter their institution name and select their institution type. Use this if you collect donations from companies, churches, or other institutions.


For advanced tracking, you can add Transaction Tags and Supporter Tags.

Marketing email opt-in default settings

All Giving Forms have a checkbox to collect marketing email opt-in confirmations. By default, the opt-in checkbox is set to False, but you can override the opt-in to be automatically checked as True.


You can add tickets to any Giving Form. If Tickets are added to a form, Ticket selection will be the first screen of the form.



The Payments section allows you to configure the donation flow and options.

Ask Amount

  • Suggested: Provide four suggested donation amount buttons.

  • Required: Require an exact donation amount.

With a Suggested ask type, you can customize the ask amounts and default the ask button selected on the form. In most cases, you'll use Suggested. If you're using this form to collect membership fees you might use Required.

Payment Methods

Payment methods available depend on your gateways and integrations.

  • PayPal Redirect: Optional. After a successful PayPal transaction, you can redirect the user to a "thank you" page or custom confirmation page.


Select donation frequencies available for your donors. In most cases, we suggest including One Time and Monthly.

Transaction Options

Provide additional donation options to your donors. These details can be hidden or made optional.

Transaction Options - Dedication

Allow donors to dedicate their donation. Dedication types include

  • in honor of

  • in memory of

  • inspired by

For each of these Dedication types, donors can enter the following information

  • dedication name

  • dedication email (optional)

  • dedication message (optional)

If a valid dedication email is entered, an email will be sent to the dedication email address with information about the donation dedication.

Transaction Options - Anonymous

A donor can choose to Donate anonymously. When a donor donates anonymously, their name will be displayed on public feeds as "Anonymous". The donor's name and information will be visible inside the platform for organization users.

Transaction Options - Comment

Enable a donor to leave a comment with their donation.

Transaction Options - Company Match

A donor can activate company matching processes during their donation. You'll need to activate a matching integration to use this feature. We suggest Double the Donation.

Recurring Upgrade

Increase recurring donations with an automated recurring upgrade suggestion in the donation flow.


Select an existing Allocation or create a new Allocation. You can configure the order that Allocations appear in the selection list.

  • If only one Allocation is added to the form, it will be recored with all Transactions, but the donor will not see the Allocation selection.

  • If two or more Allocations are added to the form, the donor can select an Allocation.


Edit the donation receipt details. Each Giving Form has a unique receipt email that is sent to donors who make a donation through this form.

Receipt options

You can additionally add data merge tags to the body of the donation receipt.

Learn more about donation receipts.


The Details tab of the Giving Form settings includes the Form ID which is helpful for your web developer when adding forms to your website or when reporting issues to support.

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