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Connecting Multiple Gateways With Funraise (Advanced)
Connecting Multiple Gateways With Funraise (Advanced)

How to connect multiple gateways to your Funraise account. Gateway priority ordering.

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This feature may not be included in every Funraise plan.

By default, you can connect Stripe and PayPal with Funraise, but managing multiple gateways is a premium feature. To connect additional gateways, contact us!

With Funraise's advanced gateway configurations, you can connect many payment gateways. In addition to Stripe, which is used for processing credit cards and ACH, you can also add alternative payment methods like PayPal or BitPay.

Access gateways

  1. From your Profile icon > click Settings

  2. Click Gateways

Manage your gateways

Does the order of gateways matter?

Yes, very much. The order of your gateways is the order your Giving Form will attempt to process a transaction. The first gateway that meets the requirements of the request will process the transaction.

In most cases, follow this order:

  1. Stripe

  2. PayPal

  3. BitPay

PayPal may attempt to process cards. Make sure that PayPal is below the gateway you use to process cards.

Common gateways

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