Gateway Currency Routing is an advanced feature that may only apply to some international organizations. For example, some regulations may require that transactions from a particular country or region must be deposited into a particular bank account. You can accomplish this by sending transactions through the appropriate gateway (and then into the correct bank account) based on the currency.

How it works

  • When you add a currency restriction to a gateway, only transactions in that currency will be able to process through the gateway
  • Add one or many currency restrictions to a gateway

Gateway priority

A transaction will attempt to be processed by gateways in order. If a gateway can process a transaction, it will. If a gateway is unable to process a transaction, either because of the payment method or a currency restriction, the transaction will attempt to process through the next gateway on the list (based on priority), and so on.

Add a currency restriction

1. From Settings > Gateways, open a gateway profile

2. Click Add Currency > search and select desired currency

3. Click Save

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