This payment method may not be included in every Funraise plan.

STEP 1: Create your BitPay account HERE

STEP 2: Add BitPay as a gateway in Funraise

STEP 3: Add your BitPay pairing code. Once you are logged into your BitPay account, click on Payment Tools then Manage API Tokens

Next, to retrieve your new pairing code, click on "Add New Token"

Use something descriptive to label the token before saving:

Once you save the new token, your pairing code will be displayed. copy the pairing code and add it into your Funraise account. 


STEP 4: Add Client Name in Funraise. This can be made up by the user and should be something descriptive like "org name + funraise donations"

STEP 5: Add BitPay URL. Use

STEP 6: Ask Bitpay to increase your limit so you can raise millions! Note that Bitpay requires a minimum payment amount of $100 on all BitPay invoices.

Don't forget!👆

Gateway ordering matters and can effect your transactions. Read more here.

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