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Connect BitPay as a gateway to start accepting Bitcoin donations

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This payment method may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Connect BitPay

1. Create your BitPay account

2. In BitPay > click on Payment Tools > Manage API Tokens

3. Click on Add New Token

4. Once you save the new token, your pairing code will be displayed. copy the pairing code and add it to your Funraise account.Β 

5. In Funraise > Access Settings > Gateways > Click New Gateway > Select BitPay

6. Complete the required fields to connect to your BitPay account.

  • For your client name, this can be a made-up value, we recommend something descriptive like "org name + funraise donations"

  • For the BitPay Url, use

7. We highly recommend asking Bitpay to increase your limit so you can raise millions!

Good to know

Gateway ordering

Gateway ordering matters, learn more about ordering your gateways.

BitPay transaction statuses

BitPay is unique when it comes to transaction statuses. When a donor begins a BitPay payment, the BitPay invoice is valid for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the invoice is expired and can no longer be completed. Funraise will mark a BitPay payment as pending until it is completed.

Funraise will check BitPay daily to see if any pending payments have changed status. This means that a pending BitPay payment will be updated to a failed status after 24 hours (assuming the donor did not complete the payment within BitPay's 15-minute window).

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