Stripe + Funraise = ❤️

Stripe is a leading credit card processor and we love it for several reasons:

With each transaction, Funraise sends the following information back to Stripe:

  • Allocation
  • Form
  • Recurring (T/F)
  • Soft Credit (email address)
  • Donation tags
  • Anonymous (T/F)
  • Operations Tip Amount
  • Campaign Site Name

In Stripe...

1.  You need to access your Stripe API key! Log into your Stripe account and make sure your account is set to "Live" mode.

2. Click "Developers" on the left hand side and then click "API Keys". Next, copy the “Live Secret Key”.

In Funraise...

3. From the Profile Icon, click "Settings" and then click on the Gateways page.

4. Click on the "New Gateway" button and select "Stripe" from the fly-out.

5. Paste the Live Secret API Key and click "Save".

Great Job! Now you should see your Stripe gateway on the Gateways page!

IMPORTANT: The order of your gateways has an effect on how donations will be processed. Learn more about how to order your gateways here.

  • Stripe's typical pricing structure is 2.9% + $0.30 but they offer discounted pricing for non-profit organizations: 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (+1% for foreign transactions) and 3.5% for American Express transactions. Make sure to email  and mention that you're a new Funraise customer to apply the discount!

**Stripe offers customizable fraud protection, called Radar, to help you minimize fraud. At a minimum, we recommend requiring Zip Code and CVC matches. 

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