Set up Apple Pay

1. Get approved for Apple Pay (Through Benevity)

To activate Apple Pay as a payment method, you will first need to verify your organization with Apple. Apple has teamed up with Benevity* to verify and approve nonprofit organizations. Apple verification and approval can take several days.

If you do not have a Benevity account, you may be asked to create a new account with Benevity before your organization can be verified. Benevity is a platform used by major corporations and nonprofit organizations to manage social responsibility programs, corporate matching, and more. For the purposes of Apple Pay, Benevity is providing a verification service for onboarding nonprofit organizations to Apple Pay. This is a free service.

Information needed to complete the approval process:

  1. Organization EIN and contact information

  2. You may be asked to provide an Apple Developer Team Id. If so, please enter 3DZ38KFGLX

2. Share the approval email from Apple

When you are approved for Apple Pay, you will receive an email from Apple, notifying you of your approval.

Once you receive this approval email, please forward it to — we will verify your approval and activate Apple Pay for your account.

Please note: The approval email from Apple may contain additional instructions, that are not relevant to activating Apple Pay with Funraise. All you need to do is notify Funraise when you receive approval from Apple. It can take several days for Funraise to review your approval and activate Apple Pay in your account. 👍

Activate Apple Pay for specific domains

Apple Pay must be verified for new domains. Here's how that works for different types of sites:

Funraise Giving Pages

By default, Apple Pay is available on Giving Pages. You do not need to take any action to activate Apple Pay on a Giving Page.

Funraise Campaign Sites

To activate Apple Pay for a Funraise Campaign Site, please submit a request through our Service Desk so our technical team can verify your new Campaign Site Url. You will need to submit a request for each new Campaign Site.

External Websites

In some cases, Apple Pay can be activated on a Giving Form that is embedded in your organization's website. For external websites, the activation process requires configuration to the folder structure of your website, which is something that Funriase does not provide support for and something that your website platform may not even support (see notes below).

Activate Apple Pay for your external websites

  1. Submit a request through our Service Desk. Our technical team will share the verification file and verify your domain.

  2. Create a new folder at the domain root with the name .well-known

  3. Add the verification file, so that the address for this file is https://[domain_name]/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association

Important: Website platform compatibility

Because adding Apple Pay to your own website requires adding a verification file to a specific folder in your site's folder structure, not all website platforms will enable you to add Funraise's Apple Pay verification file.

Website platforms that enable you to configure files in your site's file structure include:

  • WordPress (helpful plugin)

  • Hubspot

  • A build where developers control the site's folder structure

Adding Apple Pay is not possible for the following website platforms, because you can not configure folders within the site's file structure with standard methods:

  • Squarespace

  • Webflow

  • Weebly

  • Wix

Good to know

  • At this time, Apply Pay can only be used for One-Time transactions. Due to credit card network (e.g. VISA/MasterCard) changes that were contributing to an increase in failed payments for recurring Apple Pay payments, we've turned off the ability for donors to create new recurring donations with Apple Pay. Existing recurring donations using Apple Pay have not been changed. Our team is monitoring this change with the hopes of soon reactivating recurring functionality for Apple Pay.

  • Apple Pay is only available as a payment method when your donation form is accessed from the Safari browser or compatible Apple product.

  • You must have a Stripe gateway connected with Funraise to use Apple Pay.

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