Apple Pay can be used on Funraise's Giving Pages with all plans. Apple Pay can not be used on your own website or on Funraise Campaign Sites (except for a few legacy premium plans).

For donors, Apple Pay is only available as a payment method when they access your donation form in a Safari browser or compatible Apple product.

Get approved for Apple Pay

Activating Apple Pay requires approval from Apple

To activate Apple Pay as a payment method, you will first need to verify your organization with Apple. Apple has teamed up with Benevity* to verify and approve nonprofit organizations. Apple verification and approval can take several days.

Information needed to complete the approval process:

  1. Organization EIN and contact information

  2. You may be asked to provide an Apple Developer Team Id. If so, please enter 3DZ38KFGLX

Next Steps

If you do not have a Benevity account, you may be asked to create a new account with Benevity before your organization can be verified.

When you have a Benevity account and are approved, you will receive an email from Apple, notifying you of your approval. Once you receive this approval email, forward it to - we will verify your approval and activate Apple Pay for your account.

Please note: The approval email from Apple may contain additional instructions, that are not relevant to activating Apple Pay with Funraise - all you need to do is notify Funraise when you receive approval from Apple. It can take several days for Funraise to review your approval and activate Apple Pay in your account. 👍

Adding additional domains

For legacy premium plans, if you are using Apple Pay on your own website or on a Funraise Campaign Site, you will additionally need to verify these domains. Once you have a Benevity account and have been approved for Apple Pay, you can add these domains through your Benevity profile.

Please note: The ability to use Apple Pay on Funraise Giving Pages is available with all Funraise plans, but the ability to add Apple Pay to your own website or to Funraise Campaign Sites is not included with all plans.

*What is Benevity?

Benevity is a platform used by major corporations and nonprofit organizations to manage social responsibility programs, corporate matching, and more. For the purposes of Apple Pay, Benevity is providing a verification service for onboarding nonprofit organizations to Apple Pay. This is a free service.

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