Apple Pay is a safe and easy payment method preferred by many users.

To activate Apple Pay:

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager to activate Apple Pay on a domain. Depending on your plan, there may be a fee to activate Apple Pay.
  2. Apple Pay is activated PER a specific domain, so you will need to activate each website you'd like to have Apple Pay as a payment option.

Use Apple Pay on Funraise Campaign Sites (Easy):

  1. Once Apple Pay is activated for a specific Campaign Site URL, you can add it to that Campaign Site Giving Form as a payment method by navigating to the Giving Form editor and toggling on Apple Pay.
  2. Apple Pay ONLY works on V2 forms, so you'll also need to toggle on the V2 Giving Form for this Campaign Site.

Use Apple Pay on your own website (Advanced):

  1. This is an advanced option: You will need the ability to add folders and files to your website's directory to use Apple Pay on your own website.
  2. Once you've contacted your Customer Success Manager to activate Apple Pay for your domain, you will receive a .txt file. This file must be placed inside a folder named .well-known inside your own website director. For example, the URL of the Apple Pay .txt file should look like this:

Apple Pay works a little different than other payment options:

  1. Apple Pay can ONLY be activated on V2 Giving Forms.
  2. Apple Pay is only available on Apple products and approved technologies. This means the option to use Apple Pay will only be available if the Giving Form is opened on an Apple Device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc.) or in the Safari browser. Some other technologies like the Funraise Reader App can also use Apple Pay. 
  3. In situations where Apple Pay is not a valid method (non-Apple device, etc.) the option will disappear from the Giving Form dropdown menu of payment methods.
  4. When Apple Pay is a valid method, it will be the default payment method on the Giving Form.
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