PayPal can be connected with Funraise, providing your donors with a trusted donation experience. You can create a new PayPal account or connect an existing account from within Funraise.

We recommend using both PayPal and Stripe. We do not recommend using PayPal as your only gateway due to limitations and extra steps required to collect recurring donations (detailed below).

Connect PayPal

1. Navigate to Settings by clicking your profile icon at top-right

2. Click Gateways

3. Click Connect with PayPal

4. PayPal's popup window will appear. Here you can create a new account or connect an existing account. Please note: A PayPal Business account is required.

Advanced: If your plan includes advanced gateways, your gateway settings view may be different. If so, click New Gateway and then select PayPal from the list.

PayPal payment methods

PayPal enables two payment methods

With PayPal connected as a gateway in Funraise, your donors will have access to multiple payment types and can complete their donation without leaving your website.

  • PayPal Wallet - Donors can donate using their PayPal account

  • Cards - Donors can donate using a debit/credit card without a PayPal account

Technically, this means you can use PayPal for both card and PayPal Wallet donations, although we do not recommend this because of the limitation with recurring donations...

PayPal & Recurring donations

PayPal recurring donations are only possible with PayPal Wallet transactions. To accept recurring donations with cards, you'll need to connect a Stripe account.

Additional setup in PayPal for recurring donations

PayPal recurring donations are only possible if Billing Agreements and Reference Transactions are enabled in your PayPal account.

When you connect your PayPal account in Funraise, we reach out to PayPal on your behalf to have these features activated. After PayPal has updated your account, you may receive an email letting you know of the change. After receiving this email, you need to disconnect and then reconnect your PayPal account in Funraise to enable recurring PayPal wallet transactions.

If these features are not added to your PayPal account after a few weeks, you'll need to contact PayPal support directly to have these features enabled. If you need to reach out to PayPal, we suggested using the message template below:

  • Hello, PayPal. I am working with Funraise, a PayPal Partner. I need "billing agreements" enabled on my PayPal account so that we can use them to process future payments as "reference transactions." This will allow us to collect and charge recurring donations through our donation form, and have the funds be connected to our PayPal account. Please enable the reference transaction functionality on my account. Thanks!

PayPal and multi-currency donations

If you are accepting multi-currency donations with Funraise, or a currency other than your PayPal default currency, you'll need to additionally accept foreign payments in PayPal. Learn more from PayPal.

PayPal and other Gateways

We recommend connecting both PayPal and Stripe. When PayPal and Stripe are connected, donations using cards will always be processed by your Stripe account. Stipe will also allow for recurring donations using a card.

For any advanced gateways that process cards, transactions are processed based on your gateway ordering and currency routing settings.

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