Venmo is a mobile payment platform that is managed by PayPal. If you have already connected PayPal with Funraise, you have access to Venmo!

Venmo as a payment method on the Giving Form is available with our Giving Form Update 2022 which is currently in closed beta.

How it works

On the checkout screen of the Giving Form, a Venmo payment button will appear below the PayPal payment button. The experience on desktop or mobile may be different, but the Venmo checkout flow will guide a donor to make the donation from their Venmo app.

A Venmo donation can be viewed and managed in Funraise and your PayPal account.

Good to know

  • The Venmo payment button will not appear for recurring donation frequencies. A limitation of Venmo is that it can not create recurring subscriptions.

  • Unfortunately, another limitation of Venmo is that inside PayPal, a Venmo payment is indistinguishable from a PayPal payment. This also means that it is not possible to distinguish a Venmo payment from a PayPal payment in Funraise. Both PayPal and Venmo payments in Funraise will have a payment method of PayPal.

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