You can create Transaction records inside the platform. We call this an "offline" transaction because it is not conducted online. Examples of offline transactions include checks, cash, or in-kind donations.

Add an offline transaction

1. From the side menu > access Transactions

2. Click New Transaction

3. Enter the required information > click Save

When adding an offline transaction, you'll configure the following details:

Transaction Details

  • Payment Method

    • Cash

    • In-Kind

    • Physical Check

    • Stock

    • Other

  • Amount

  • Date

  • Check Number (optional)

  • Memo (optional)

  • Note (optional)

  • Tags (optional)

  • Pledge (optional)

  • Anonymous (optional)

Other Required Information

  • Supporter

    • You can select an existing Supporter or create a new Supporter

  • Giving Form

    • Even though this transaction did not occur through a Giving Form, it's a good idea to assign it to a form. This is helpful for overall campaign tracking.

    • After selecting a form, you'll see an option to send a transaction receipt email to the Supporter. This email template is based on the Giving Form you've selected.

Optional Infomation

You can add more optional details to an offline transaction:

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