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Offline Transaction Pledges

How to create and manage offline transaction pledges

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A transaction pledge is a method of accounting for a transaction that has been promised for the future. This article outlines how to create offline pledges.Β 

Create a Transaction Pledge:

1. From the Transactions section, click on the New Transaction button.

2. Enter all information as if it were a transaction and click the box that says "This is a Pledge"

When the pledge is received:

3. Access the Transaction Profile, Click "This pledge has been received"

It's important to keep in mind that when you create a pledge or mark a pledge as received, the transaction receipt email will not automatically send. You can manually send the receipt email for a received pledge from any transaction profile. Click on the Actions menu > "Resend Receipt"


Note: You can also mark any offline transaction as a pledge or as a received pledge by editing an offline transaction. πŸ’

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