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What are soft credits? How to add a soft credit to a Transaction

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What are Soft Credits?

Soft Credits are a common method to account for the Supporter that inspired or encouraged someone else to donate. Fundraising is personal. Soft Credits allow you to measure the human relationships that impact your mission.

For example, let's say one of your board members introduces your organization to their network and brings in a new donation. Woohoo for active board members!

Although this new donation was made by a new Supporter, it was really inspired by your board member. It's important to keep track of these network connections and relationships because it provides a clear view of where donations actually come from.

It's a good idea to thank your Soft Credited Supporters and let them know the total amount of donations they've inspired.

Add Soft Credits to a Transaction

You can add a Soft Credit when creating a Transaction or when editing a Transaction. Soft Credit settings can be found in the Optional Items section on Transaction profiles.

Soft Credits and Fundraisers

When a Transaction is made through a Fundraiser's Page, the Fundraiser will be automatically assigned as Soft Credit.

Soft Credits and Supporter profiles

Transactions that have been Soft Credited to a Supporter can be viewed from the Soft Credited Supporter's profile.

Filtering Soft Credit data

Transactions can be filtered by the Soft Credited Supporter. For example, "Show me all the Transactions where Blake Goldstein is Soft Credited."

Supporters can be filtered by their Total Soft Credit Amount and Total Soft Credit Count. For example, "Show me all Supporters where Total Soft Credit Amount is above or equal to $1000."

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