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Access the Full Transaction Profile

How to access the Transaction profile. See all the information about a transaction.

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Access a Transaction Profile

1. Click the green amount of any Transaction

You can also click Edit from the Transaction's action menu (3 dots).


From the General tab on the Transaction profile you can access:


From the Details tab you can view, but not edit:


  • Amount

  • Source Amount

  • Currency

  • Date

  • Status

  • Type

  • Transaction ID

  • Method


  • Gateway Response

  • Gateway Transaction ID


Learn more about Donors Cover Fees

  • Donor Covered Fees

  • Platform Fee Automatically Collected

  • Amount Before Fees

  • Donor Covered Fee Amount

  • Platform Fee Amount

  • External Processing Fee Coverage

UTMs & Tracking

  • URL

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Content

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Term


  • Dedicated To

  • Dedication Type

  • Dedication Message

More Details

  • Tax Deductible Amount

  • Operations Tip (Legacy data field)

  • Payment ID

  • External ID

  • External ID Source

  • Donation Comment

  • In-Kind Description

  • Company Match Suggested

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