Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

To Access a Transaction's Profile:

1. Click the green amount of any Transaction

You can also click Edit from the Transaction's action menu (3 dots).

From the GENERAL page on the Transaction profile you can access:

From the Transaction DETAILS page you can view, but not edit:

  • Transaction ID
  • External ID
  • External ID Source
  • Amount
  • Type (One Time, Offline, or Recurring)
  • Operations Tip
  • Source Amount (The amount in the donor's currency)
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Tax Deductible Amount
  • Platform Fee Amount
  • Platform Fee Automatically Collected (Whether or not this fee was charged automatically. If No, the fee will be added as a charge on your monthly invoice).
  • URL
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source
  • UTM Term
  • Status
  • Gateway Response
  • Method
  • Company Match Suggested
  • Dedicated To
  • Dedicated Type
  • Dedication Message
  • Donation Comment
  • In-Kind Description

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