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2023.5 - May Release Notes
2023.5 - May Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we've got a good amount of feature promotions and are clearing some room for exciting new features coming soon. We've also included an important processing fee update in the Housekeeping section below, which will impact organizations collecting payments in multiple currencies.

Available for all organizations

When exporting transaction data, you can customize the export file name, the data columns included, and the order of columns in the export .csv file.

Improved Raiser's Edge NXT mapping for recurring donations

The Raiser's Edge NXT integration now has improved mapping for recurring donations.

Default fundraiser appeal text

Empower peer-to-peer fundraisers with prewritten default appeal text. Providing default text will speed up the fundraising page creation experience and provide your fundraisers with accurate language to share about your organization and campaign.

Generate default fundraiser appeal text based on custom prompts and information about your campaign. AppealAI is our first feature that integrates OpenAI and leverages the same Large Language Model that powers ChatGPT.

Default content for P2P Email Campaigns

When a new P2P Campaign is created, several campaign emails will now include helpful content and will be toggled on by default. We hope this improvement eases the setup for new campaigns.

Now in beta

Batch resyncs for Salesforce

Find and bulk resync Funraise records that have failed to sync with Salesforce. A new filter has been added to identify Transactions that have failed to sync with Salesforce: Last Salesforce Sync Failed. Additionally, we've added an action in the Transactions section to bulk resync any Transactions that have failed to sync with Salesforce: Resync failed Salesforce syncs.

Access campaign emails from the site editor

You can now access peer-to-peer campaign emails for a particular Campaign Site from the top bar of the Campaign Site editor. We hope this improvement speeds up the asset creation process for your next campaign!

Coming soon to beta

QuickBooks integration improvements

We're making several highly-requested enhancements to our QuickBooks integration, including syncing donors as customers, syncing online transactions, and adding more data fields to the sync, including fee data.

Platform notifications

Your team members will soon be able to receive in-platform notifications for specific actions and events. Each team member will be able to configure the notifications they would like to receive. We'll roll out in-platform notifications first, followed by new email notifications. Events that will create notifications include:

  • New P2P fundraiser

  • New donation

  • New donor

  • New registration order

  • New inbound SMS

  • Failed recurring donation

  • Failed donation

  • New task

  • Task reassignment

Fundraising Registration

This is a seamless signup process for event registrations with fundraising pages. Require fundraisers to register for an event before creating a fundraising page. Access new reporting capabilities to report on registrations with connected supporters, pages, and custom questions.

Manage multiple accounts under one umbrella (or multiple umbrellas πŸ˜‰). Manage assets and activity across accounts and analyze combined data or drill down into account-specific data.


Removed filter: SMS Valid

The SMS Valid filter has been removed from Supporter, Transaction, and Registration filter sets. This filter was also removed from any existing saved lists. This filter was removed because it was less helpful than intended. We recommend filtering by Phone β†’ Exists when creating an SMS send list.

Increased processing fees for international payments

Starting June 1, 2023: International payments will incur an additional 1.5% fee

Over the past few years, card networks (like Visa and Mastercard) have increased the fees that payment processors are charged for card processing. These card network changes impact all payment processors, including Funraise Payments, which is powered by Stripe.

Because of these cost increases to payment processing, starting June 1, 2023, Funraise Payments will assess an additional 1.5% for international payments. International payments are payments in a currency other than your platform currency. View all processing fees with Funraise Payments.

Where possible, Funraise Payments matches Stripe's standard pricing. This change is also reflected in Stripe's standard pricing.

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