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2023.2 - February Release Notes
2023.2 - February Release Notes

New features and product updates

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Buckle up, fundraisers! Funraise's February product release notes are jam-packed with several exciting revenue-boosting features as well as time-saving improvements. Our favorites are Text-to-Give codes and a personalized approach to increasing donation conversion with Machine Learning.

What's new

Available for all organizations

Configure and manage Supporter name salutations and suffixes, for example, Ms. Frank Fundy III.

Funraise Giving Pages and Campaign Sites have a short URL powered by Bitly. This short URL can provide an improved experience for social or mobile donation links.

As an improvement to fundraiser page management, you can now manage team membership by adding or removing fundraisers to a team from within the platform.

As an improvement to the automated email that enables Supporters to update their recurring payment methods, we've added a simple action to copy the payment method update link. This update enables you to share the update link directly in a personal email.

All organizations can send now the Yearly Donation Summary email to a filtered list of Supporters.

In beta

Funraise's Machine Learning model can provide a personalized ask string (donation button amounts) based on environmental and personal attributes about the donor. The goal of this feature is to increase donation conversion rates by providing donors with a relevant ask string based on how they've interacted with your organization in the past.

Create custom text-to-give codes enabling Supporters to send a code to your SMS number. They will receive an automated reply with a message or link to a donation page.

The newest version of Funraise's Giving Form has been promoted from closed beta and is now available to all beta participants. This new version provides an improved donor experience and enables Venmo and stock donations.

(Beta) 2-way SMS messaging

When Supporters reply to your outbound SMS messages, you can now view the reply on their Supporter profile. If the Supporter is assigned to a team member, that team member will also receive an email notification with the message details.

(Beta) Campaign Site countdown widget

A live countdown timer can be added to pages on a Campaign Site. The countdown timer displays the time remaining to reach your campaign goal using your campaign end date, configured in site settings.


Technical Contact

We've added a new field in your organization information settings to record your organization's technical contact email address. This email address will receive automated notifications for issues with integration syncs. If you do not enter a technical contact email address, these automated notification emails will be sent to every team member.

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