You can individually send a Yearly Donation Summary PDF to a Supporter. This will send an email with a PDF of the donor's historic donations by year.

Send a Yearly Donation Summary

  1. From the Supporter table

  2. Click a Supporter's action menu (3 dots)

  3. Click Send Yearly Summary

Good to know

  • The PDF contains all donations for a donor, organized by year. Each donation displays the date, total amount, and tax-deductible amount.

  • Transactions with the tag, #FR_NOT_TAX_DEDUCTIBLE will appear on the summary with a tax-deductible amount of $0.

  • An In-Kind donation with the Hide estimated value on receipt option selected will display In-Kind in both the amount and tax-deductible amount columns.

  • The email is not configurable, although the email template can include your organization logo, managed in your brand settings.

  • The summary PDF is not configurable.

Tip: Your Supporters can also access their donations and the summary PDF on their own with Funraise's Giving Portal App.

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