Funraise's newest Giving Form includes improvements to both performance and the donor experience, with a focus on mobile donations.

Beta update

This update is in closed beta, contact us to join this beta group.

How to update forms

Easy. This is a seamless upgrade as the embed code for the new version is exactly the same. You will not need to update any existing code on your website.

Once your organization has access to this update, any new Giving Form you create will be the updated version. To update an existing Giving Form, you will need to resave the Giving Form.

What's new

Performance and speed

Funraise's Giving Form is already backed by industry-leading infrastructure and performance, but we've made changes to increase the form's speed and responsiveness to a donor's interaction with the form. This improvement is especially beneficial for mobile donation experiences (~50% of your website visitors are mobile).

Donor experience & design

We've improved the visual design and user experience of the form to both reduce friction and increase delight when making a donation, for example, we've reduced the steps it takes to complete a donation. These design updates enable your brand to shine with a compelling and trustworthy, modern donation experience, on any device.


This update enables Venmo as a payment method.


This update enables stock donations.

Good to know

We've released this update in a closed beta to gather feedback as we continue to improve this new version of the form. There are a few functions that are not yet supported with the new version, including:

  • Translations

  • Event Handlers

  • Multi-currency

  • Operations Tip

  • Address lookup apartment/unit

If these functions are a part of your current strategy, we recommend waiting for this version of the form to progress through beta.

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