Funraise's Research & Development team moves quickly and regularly releases new functionality. Many of our features are released in beta so we can gather customer feedback and usage statistics that inform feature promotion and future improvements. Your organization can opt-in to receive access to Funraise beta features.

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Activate Funraise Beta Features

1. Click your Profile Icon in the top right > click Settings

2. In Settings > click Your Organization > find Organization Information > click Edit

3. Toggle on Beta Features > click Save

Please note: Activating beta features does not give you access to existing features in beta, you will only receive access to beta features that are released after you have opted-in to beta.

Features Currently in Beta

Raiser's Edge integration

A new native integration with Raiser's Edge will sync Supporter and Transaction data in real-time. This update will save organizations hours of manual syncing by providing an automated and real-time sync from Funraise to Raiser's Edge.

Send the payment method updater email manually

By default, when a recurring payment fails, an automated payment method updater email is sent to the donor with a link where they can update their payment method. This new improvement adds a button for you to send this payment method update email to any recurring donor, at any time, which can improve efficiency and help reduce recurring revenue churn.

Coming Soon to Beta

You can also view features we're working on and submit feedback on our product roadmap. The timeline and prioritization of new features can change at any time as it's guided by feedback from you and other nonprofit organizations.

Abandoned donation notification

When a donor abandons their donation (closes a Giving Form after beginning their donation), a small notification will appear in the lower-left of the donor's browser window encouraging them to continue with a one-click option to re-enter the donation flow, right where they left off.

Improved mobile donation experience for placed forms

When a Giving Form is embedded as a placed form (an open form placed into your page layout), we'll update the placed form to a launch button when the page is viewed from mobile devices. A popup donation form provides the best donor experience on a mobile device and this update will automatically provide the donor with the best donation experience based on their device.

Create fundraiser pages in platform

As a part of a larger effort to improve your ability to manage fundraiser pages within the platform, we'll start by releasing the ability to create an individual fundraiser page from within the platform. We expect to improve upon this functionality in future releases by adding the ability to edit fundraiser pages and manage team pages from within the platform.

Send a yearly donation summary PDF email to a list of Supporters

A new action button on the Supporters list view will enable you to send a yearly donation summary email to a filtered list of Supporters. Currently, this email can be sent to an individual Supporter, this improvement will enable more efficient sending to a list.

QR Codes for Campaign Sites

We're adding a quick action to generate a QR code that links to your Campaign Site.

User Permissions

The ability to configure high-level platform access restrictions for a particular user.

Donors Cover Fees—Dynamic fee amount

This feature is being developed with feedback from many organizations who suggested that Funraise's Donors Cover Fees feature include a fee amount range slider that enables a donor to edit the amount of their fee coverage, as opposed to the binary selection of coverage or no coverage.

☝️ Because this is an update that impacts revenue reporting, this beta feature will only be activated for organizations who have reviewed and opted-in to this particular beta feature. Contact your Success Manager to learn more.

Good to Know

What is beta?

In software development, beta refers to a phase in the launch of new technology. Generally, a new feature will be tested in-house through an alpha phase and then the feature will be promoted to a subset of customers for a beta phase. The purpose of a beta phase is to test a new feature in the real world. Feedback from customers in the beta phase will inform changes to the product that is finally released to all customers.

Why does Funraise release features in beta?

Funraise releases new features in beta because it benefits nonprofit organizations by enabling faster access to new revenue-boosting and time-saving features and enables organizations to provide feedback in realtime to help us build the best products.

To dig a bit deeper, Funraise runs a constant development process where new technology and functionality are built and added to the platform daily. When minimum viability and rigorous testing are complete, the feature is released in beta for organizations to test and prove or disprove the need for the feature. Our product team also receives direct feedback from organizations which enables us to build the best possible tool for all nonprofits, as quickly as possible—THIS is why we beta.

Beta functionality will leave room for improvement

With beta features, you should expect to experience functionality that may need improvement; that's intentional. Our product team works quickly to release new tools that provide 90% of organizations with specific solutions while receiving feedback to learn how we can improve the feature to work for all organizations.

We'll also release small features that while useful alone, will soon become a part of a greater improvement as we continue to add functionality to the area.

We've made it easy for you and your team to submit feedback on Funraise's beta features:

Beta functionality is rigorously tested

Although beta features may leave room for functionality or UX improvement, every feature we release is rigorously tested by Funraise's QA team. It's important to know that beta features by nature are more prone to issues as beta features may be untested in the real world.

Beta features can be released at any time

We'll have documentation for beta features available, but new features may be released before we have a chance to announce them in our regular release announcements.

Activating beta features may not be immediate

When you activate beta features in your account settings, it lets our product team know you'd like to be added to the beta program, but we'll still need some time to add your organization.

Activating beta features does not guarantee access to all beta features

When you activate Beta Features in your account settings, your account will be able to receive beta features but is not guaranteed to receive beta features. In general, we try to release beta features to as many organizations as possible, but some features may require specific feedback before releasing them to a wider beta audience.

Please note: Activating beta features does not give you access to existing features in beta, you will only receive access to beta features that are released after you have opted-in to beta.

Deactivating beta Features may not remove beta functionality

When you disable Funraise's beta Features from your account settings you will no longer receive access to new beta features, but beta features that are currently activated for your account may not be deactivated. You can submit a ticket at our Service Desk to have existing beta features removed.

Beta functionality may not be promoted

Beta features may not always be promoted to a full Funraise feature. The purpose of beta tests is to receive feedback and to validate the need for features. If we build something that is not helpful to the majority of organizations, it's not likely to be promoted.

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