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2020.11 - November Release Notes
2020.11 - November Release Notes

New features and product updates

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Hello nonprofiteers! This month, our most exciting update is Giving Pages—simple-yet-flexible donation pages with a direct link.

What's new

Giving Pages

Giving Pages are donation pages with a direct link you can share in emails or social posts—the easiest way to share a donation form with Funraise. Design Giving Pages with your logo, banner images, text, and brand color. Giving Pages host your Giving Forms, so you can use form features like ticketing and UTM tracking on your Giving Pages as well.

To activate a Giving Page for an existing Giving Form, just re-save the form.

Apple Pay on Giving Pages

Apple Pay can be added to your Giving Pages! We’re excited to provide this new payment method to everyone. Before activating Apple Pay, you will need to be verified by Apple.

Brand Settings

Small, but neat, thing—we’ve added a few brand configurations in Settings. You can set your logo and colors so that anytime you create new a Giving Form, for example, your brand settings will be the default.


Changes to the way the Funraise Platform Fee is charged occur December 1, 2020.

Today, your Funraise Platform Fees are calculated and billed monthly. Starting December 1, 2020, for Transactions processed through Stripe, the Funraise Platform Fee will be deducted from Transactions in real time. The gross amount and fee charged will be reflected in your platform.

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