For most pricing plans, Funraise's Platform Fee is a component of our overall fee model called, "Donors Cover Fees". Learn more about Donors Cover Fees.

What is the Funraise Platform Fee?

Funraise pricing plans have two main components: the base subscription cost and the Platform Fee. The Platform Fee is applied to all online Transactions: Card, ACH, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin payments. Offline Transactions that are created manually or imported do not incur the Platform Fee.

Funraise's Platform Fee is in addition to your payment processor’s fees.

How is the platform fee charged?

There are two ways the Funraise Platform Fee can be charged. This is based on the payment processors you've connected to Funraise.


For Transactions processed through any processor other than Stripe, the Funraise Platform Fees incurred over the past month are charged monthly using your payment method on file.

At the time of the Transaction

When a Transaction is processed with Stripe, the Funraise Platform Fee will be deducted from the Transaction in real time. The gross amount and fee will be reflected in platform.

If the Platform Fee is charged at the time of the Transaction, the Transaction data field titled Platform Fee Automatically Collected will have a value of Yes.

How can I view Platform Fees?

Transaction Profile & Export

You can view the Funraise Platform Fee for each Transaction on the Transaction Profile. You can also see whether or not the fee was charged at the time of the Transaction. This data is also available with a Transaction .csv export.

Monthly Invoice

Your monthly invoice will show both the total of Funraise Platform Fees charged at the time of the Transaction over the last month as well as the total of Funraise Platform Fees charged to your payment method on file.


For Transactions processed through Stripe, you can see the Funraise Platform Fee charged for each Transaction in Stripe.


If you have any questions about your Platform Fee, contact us at

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