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Connect PayPal (Legacy Connection)
Connect PayPal (Legacy Connection)

How to connect PayPal as a payment method

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Legacy Connection: This article applies to PayPal legacy connections made before September 1, 2021. For the most current PayPal connection details, please refer to the updated article: Connect PayPal.

☝️ Important: Before connecting your PayPal Business account with Funraise, you must first configure settings in your PayPal account to grant specific API access. Continue reading to learn more.

PayPal and Funraise

With PayPal enabled as a payment method on your Giving Forms, your donors can give with PayPal and you can manage their contact and donation details in Funraise. Your donors will enter their donation and contact information on your Funraise Giving Form and then will be redirected to PayPal to complete the Transaction.

Transaction Status - When a PayPal Transaction is created from a Giving Form, it may have a status of Pending. It can take up to 7 days for PayPal to finalize the status of a Transaction. If a PayPal Transaction status changes from Pending to Failed, it is likely because the donor abandoned the PayPal checkout page.

Recurring Donations - Recurring donations with PayPal is a premium feature and is not included with all Funraise plans.

Connect PayPal

☝️ You can only connect a PayPal Business Account with Funraise.

There are a few easy, but very specific, steps required to connect your PayPal account with Funraise.

In PayPal

1. Click your name at top right > click Account Settings

2. Find API access > click Update

3. Scroll to Pre-built payment solutions > click Grant API permission

4. Enter as the Third Party Permission Username > click Lookup. Spreedly is a trusted payment partner. Nathaniel is the API version name.

5. Check the following boxes to grant specific permissions > click Save

  • Use Express Checkout to process payments

  • Issue a refund for a specific transaction

  • Process your customer's credit or debit card payments

  • Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions

  • Obtain information about a single transaction

  • Search your transactions for items that match specific criteria and display the results

  • Charge an existing customer based on a prior transaction

  • Issue a refund for any prior transaction

Next, open Funraise to connect your PayPal account.

In Funraise

1. Go to Settings (click your profile icon at top right)

2. Click Gateways > click Connect to PayPal

3. Enter your PayPal account email address > click Add PayPal

Be sure to enter the email address you use to log in to your PayPal Business account.

And that's it! To add PayPal as a payment method to any existing Giving Forms, you will need to access the form > add PayPal > click Save. Learn more about editing Giving Form settings.

Advanced Note: If your plan includes Advanced Gateways, your view may be different. If so, you can click New Gateway and then select PayPal from the list. For Advanced Gateway settings, the order of your gateways is important. Learn more about Advanced Gateway Configuration.

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