What is a gateway?

In a nutshell, gateways are the middle man (or woman or person ๐Ÿ’) between your donor's bank account and your bank account. Your gateway will withdraw the money from your donor's account and deposit money into your bank account. The donor will initiate this exchange with a donation made through your Funraise Giving Forms.

You need an external gateway because Funraise is not a payment gateway. Funraise enables you to centralize your own payment gateways and donation methods into a unified nonprofit fundraising platform.

A common payment gateway setup includes Stripe and PayPal. Both of these payment processors offer nonprofit rates of 2.2% +30ยข.

If you don't have a gateway

No problem; you can create a new Stripe and PayPal account in Funraise. Learn more about connecting Stripe.

If you do have a gateway

You can connect your gateway(s) with Funraise. Funraise is different when it comes to gateways: you can add multiple gateways and control the ordering of your gateways, providing increased flexibility in advanced strategies. Learn about using multiple gateways.

Supported Gateways & Payment Processors

Funraise can support many gateways, these are our preferred gateways. Don't see your gateway on the list? Let's talk.

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