Funraise Payments powered by Stripe is a payment processing solution that supports Card, ACH, and Apple Pay payments. Because Funraise Payments is backed by Stripe, you can rely on industry-leading security and payment management with Stripe's platform.

With Funraise Payments you can accept and manage donations with Funraise's platform and manage payments and payout details in Stripe's platform.

Connect Funraise Payments (Stripe)

1. Navigate to Settings by clicking your profile icon at top-right

2. Click Gateways

3. Click Connect with Stripe

4. You'll be redirected to a Stripe page where you can create a new Stripe account that will be connected with Funraise. After completing this step, you'll be redirected back to Funraise.

Funraise Payments Stripe accounts are unique. You can not connect an existing Stripe account with Funraise, you can only create a new Stripe account that will be connected with Funraise.

Advanced: If your plan includes Advanced Gateways, your gateway settings view may be different. If so, click New Gateway and then select Stripe from the list.

Stripe details

Payment methods

Stripe enables you to collect Card, ACH, and Apple Pay payments.

Processing Fees

Processing fees are standard for all organizations and are set by Funraise Payments. With Funraise Payments, Stripe does not set your processing fees, Funraise does.

Transaction data

Funraise passes helpful data to Stripe with each transaction.

  • Name

  • Address

  • Allocation

  • Form

  • Recurring (T/F)

  • Soft Credit (email address)

  • Donation tags

  • Anonymous (T/F)

  • Campaign Site Name

Phone verification

Stripe enables you to create an account and begin accepting payments the same day. Be aware, it is common that Stripe requires phone number verification as a follow-up step a few days later—if Stripe begins the process to request your phone number verification, transactions may fail until you've verified the number.

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